There’s no secret sauce to building great products - other than having great teams.

That’s why we focus on your growth, helping you become a fully integrated team member who can deliver and learn with the best. We believe in sustainable development, and that working hard doesn’t mean working long hours. We believe that work never comes at the expense of burning you out.

With over 100 engineers, developers and analysts, the Engineering team is the largest and most diverse team at Intersect. With a wealth of seasoned managers, mentors and leaders, and intense one-on-one guidance, you will always find the coaching and guidance to grow both your career and your personal skills. We work with end-to-end development cycles, building everything from prototypes to fully integrated production builds.

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What can you expect?

How we work

We often get the luxury of building from scratch as we tackle new problems. We put in the effort to seek out and utilize the best-in-class open-source technologies and frameworks. We peer-review work and ship code daily through continuous deployments. We also hate solving the same problem twice so we automate where we can and share our learnings with the team (we have created tons of lightweight tools to optimize our workflows).

Get exposed to different problems

We do a lot. We have clients in healthcare, fintech, insurance, education (and some that would be better explained in person). This means our team gets to tackle all sorts of problems and learn from them. You could spend a month building serverless chat and tackle challenging distributed systems’ protocols, or you could be reshaping retail with engaging mobile experiences - no challenge is ever the same.

Grow as a professional and as an individual

We encourage personal and professional growth of our team though guidance, mentorship, weekly one-on-ones, and coaching. We promote a safe environment where it's okay to take risks and fail, so long as we learn from mistakes and share insights across specializations - that's how we learn to better overcome them in the future.

Work with real problems

At Intersect, your work actually matters. Our products are sexy, but they are also useful to the masses. We are helping companies make huge waves in industries like finance, health, insurance and more. We are changemakers.

Week of an engineer

Daily standups

Standups are quick and actionable meetings meant to provide feedback and communicate project blockers. Standups are a good way to touch base with the whole team (engineers, strategists, PMs etc.). We like to keep these short and sweet, because we don’t like too many meetings.

Squad meetings

Whether you’re an Android expert or a back-end developer, your speciality falls into a “squad”. Squad meetings grant teams the autonomy to discuss how their squad can work better, improve pain points, and align on standards without relying on official approvals.

Agile activities

We are an agile organization. You can expect to have regular sprint planning sessions, sprint reviews, and sprint retros as part of development cycles.

Lunch & learn

We like to eat and we like to learn. We promote a culture where we encourage everyone to give back and teach on topics they are passionate about. On Wednesdays our lunches are catered (“on the Horse”) and often this is a great time to also learn something new during a Lunch & Learn. Recent topics have included "Machine Learning: Buzzword or Friend?" and "Winning Hearts & Minds - How to Present your Ideas Effectively".

'It looked like a place that challenges you with work, while providing support and fun, and then it totally was that!'

Adam Borzecki Technical Lead, iOS