Design is not only engrained in our culture, it’s at the core of how we build our products.

Our design team has grown to over 15 people in the last year, making it the second largest team in the company. We are an eccentric, creative, and talented group of people who are passionate about the work we do. From building products that are accessible for everyone, to collaborating with developers to create something beautiful fast and furiously, we've created a work process that ensures we can keep building products we're proud of.

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Key beliefs

We fight for the user

We work hard to make sure our products are easy to use. That means clean, simple and user-friendly interfaces, architecture and copy are always top priority.

Design systems

We design using a predictable, scalable, and design component based approach.


We believe that that products should be inclusive and accessible to all types of users.

Design & engineering collaboration

We're always refining how we communicate and work with engineering. Our team is agile alongside the engineering process, evolving as needed.

What can you expect?

Your impact starts on Day 1

No matter where you are in your career, Intersect lets you own, empower and execute your ideas right away. We believe every team member has a voice, and you'll get the platform to share your opinions and learn from not just other team members, but also our amazing clients.

Challenge yourself with a variety of projects

Our clients are spread across a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, fintech, insurance, and education. Our projects range from rapid prototyping and proof of concept to full engineering builds. Designers at Intersect get to create user experiences for native iOS and Android apps, as well as responsive web.

Learn from non-designers

Working with other teams is a big part of a designer’s time. Refining our process and organization gets us excited, and we love finding better ways to work together to make better products.

Week of a designer

Daily standups

Standups are quick and actionable meetings meant to provide feedback and communicate project blockers. Standups are a good way to touch base with the whole team (engineers, strategists, PMs etc.). We like to keep these short and sweet, because we don’t like too many meetings.

Design office hours

Once a week, we set aside time for the entire design team to come together and catch up. Anyone can book the hour to ask for feedback on work, share recent learnings, present new ways or working - it's up to you.

Community involvement

We like to stay connected. We've partnered with organizations like DesignX and VentureOut to share what we can with our community, and help our designers learn new things too.

Product review

Product review is a great opportunity to showcase and validate the work you are doing by presenting it to the larger design team. When you’re not presenting you get to exercise your design skills by challenging work-in-progress and learning from choices others have made. We believe this healthy tension promotes the growth of better design skills and better products.

'Intersect gives me the latitude to put my own stamp on my work and act on my ideas.'

Robert Brenneman Director, User Experience