At Intersect, we’re all product owners.

We’re invested in the work we do and the products we bring to life. But every problem we solve needs a champion who takes on the direct responsibility of owning the problem and facilitating the solution - from prototype all the way to launch.

At Intersect, this champion is the Product Manager. Our PMs take full strategic ownership of the products they work on, acting as a proxy for our clients and fighting for the end-user. But they’re not in it alone. With the support of a full team of strategists, designers, developers, analysts and more, PMs at Intersect have all the resources to bring their products to the next level.

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What can you expect?

Make real change for a Fortune 500 company

We get into the trenches when it comes to solving problems for our clients and their users. We move fast and work closely with influencers and decision-makers, so you can expect to learn a lot and to learn it quickly. You’ll be at the forefront of making real change for your clients and make an impact that will transform the way they do business. Whether you have experience working as a project manager, account manager, or both, you can expect to be transformed into a true Product Manager.

Enable success through unconventional leadership

We do a lot. We have clients in healthcare, fintech, insurance, education (and some that would be better explained in person). This means our team gets to tackle all sorts of problems and learn from them. You could spend a month building serverless chat and tackle challenging distributed systems’ protocols, or you could be reshaping retail with engaging mobile experiences - no challenge is ever the same.

30% Client Meetings & Interviews
10% Coaching Teams
25% Planning
5% Problem Solving
15% Discovery Research & Strategy
5% Fun

Challenge yourself to be better everyday

If you’re hyper organized, you’re already on your way to being a stellar PM. Intersect PMs work with various clients, in various industries, and need to flex their communication skills everyday - including active listening and “listening between the lines”. We ask the right questions and quickly learn how to anticipate problems before they escalate. When it comes to conflict resolution we learn to prioritize and balance the needs of our team, our client, and most importantly, the end-user of the products we build. Some days can be tough, we’re not going to lie. But we have amazing support we can lean on, all the way from our fellow PMs to the larger Intersect family.

Work with different types of problems

We do a lot. We have clients in healthcare, retail, fintech, insurance, education (and some that would be better explained in person). This means our teams get to tackle all sorts of problems and learn from them. You could spend a 6 weeks helping a retail giant build and test ideas in-store, or several months reshaping a mobile experience with a risk-averse organization. No problem is ever the same.

Week of a product manager

Daily standups

Standups are quick and actionable meetings meant to provide feedback and communicate project blockers. Standups are a good way to touch base with the whole team (engineers, strategists, PMs etc.). We like to keep these short and sweet, because we don’t like too many meetings.

Client check-ins

You can expect to have regular check-ins with all your active clients in order to provide transparency on project progress, troubleshoot blockers, and re-align on project objectives.

Agile activities

We are an agile organization. You can expect to have regular sprint planning sessions, sprint reviews, and sprint retros as part of development cycles.

Lunch & learn

We like to eat and we like to learn. We promote a culture where we encourage everyone to give back and teach on topics they are passionate about. On Wednesdays our lunches are catered (“on the Horse”) and often this is a great time to also learn something new during a Lunch & Learn. Recent topics have included "Machine Learning: Buzzword or Friend?" and "Winning Hearts & Minds - How to Present your Ideas Effectively".

Pivot meetings

Throughout project kickoff, strategy, user research, and product design, we work closely with design, strategy, and engineering to help drive projects forward and with client and user needs in mind. Feedback and collaboration through pivot meetings is the one of the best ways we dive deep and “pivot” towards a new direction with our team when we need to.


During one-on-ones you can share challenges and successes with senior product managers and use the opportunity to seek out targeted feedback and improvement. Or you could spend the 15 minutes talking about your epic weekend or the showing off pics of your dog in a Halloween costume.

'At Intersect, Product Managers are empowered to wear many different hats, as opposed to other places where they force them on to your head.'

Keely Nugent Van Tol Operations Analyst