At Intersect, Strategy comes first and informs everything we do

The Strategy team works at the beginning of every engagement to understand all the nuances that exist within the product we’re about to build. We work with clients, end customers, and industry specialists to understand what problems affect their lives and how we can solve them. Strategy’s end deliverables are used as the core brief for both the client and internal teams and outline our goals and expectations for the products we create.

As a member of the Strategy team, you’ll be tasked with clearly defining what the problem is, who the problem affects, what the impacts of this problem are, and what constraints need to be in place for the larger Intersect team. This will then serve as the guide for how we all work on the products that we create.

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What can you expect?

Work on a large variety of projects

The strategy team touches every project that comes into Intersect and works hard to develop a thorough understanding of the nuances of all our clients’ businesses. One month you might be working to understand the challenges of creating an innovative retail environment, and the next you could be focused on helping homeowners understand their insurance policy. The challenges and opportunities are unlimited.

Health & pharma

Get in the user’s head

Setting the overall tone for a project requires understanding where everyone on the project is coming from. You will spend a lot of your time interviewing stakeholders, client partners, end users, and industry experts to look for how these opinions intersect. By doing this you’ll be able to structure your thinking in a way that incorporates all of these diverse viewpoints to make the best product.

Reinvent the wheel

We don’t just try to make our products slightly better than everyone else does - we fundamentally rethink how to approach the problem and make the best product possible. Instead of doing competitive analysis, we look for competitive inspiration by breaking down problems into their core elements, discovering how they’ve been addressed in other industries, and bringing them into our work.

Get your hands dirty

We believe that working with something is the best way to understand it, so you’ll be involved hands-on with products from start to finish. We work directly with our clients to understand their challenges and what does and doesn’t work for them. Then we work with our Design, Solutions, and Product Management teams to create a product roadmap that ensures we have tightest set of features at launch and that we’re getting something to market that we can test and learn from.

Create a product by objectives

The most important deliverable for the strategy team is the Product By Objectives Canvas (PBO). The PBO encapsulates why the product exists (the product goal), what we need in order to accomplish this goal (the product strategies), how we’re going to accomplish these strategies (the products tactics or features), and what the impact of the product is going to be (metrics or outcomes). The PBO is our North Star.

Week of a strategist

Daily standups

Standups are quick and actionable meetings meant to provide feedback and communicate project blockers. Standups are a good way to touch base with the whole team (engineers, strategists, PMs etc.). We like to keep these short and sweet, because we don’t like too many meetings.

Customer interviews

As a strategist, you’ll be the link between the Intersect team and the outside world that will use the products we build, so it’s important for you to understand the user’s point of view. There’s no better way to do that then by speaking to them directly.


You’ll spend a lot of time learning, researching, interviewing, and putting the pieces together for your projects. Eventually, you’ll share your learnings with the client and convince them of your master plan.

Team regroups

Project check-ins are essential for figuring out solutions to new issues and for providing and receiving direction that may have come up since the onset of a project.

'Strategy helps all stakeholders define the problem, why it's important, and decide the best path to move forward.'

John Maden Director, Product Strategy & Analytics