Christopher Hirst


Chris leads the Intersect team alongside Anthony Lipkin, focussing on operations, leadership, culture, and providing an unprecedented client experience.

Chris has over 15 years of experience consulting and building digital products as well as experience in marketing, analytics, and leveraging data-focussed opportunities. He is passionate about the strategic intersections of technology, culture, and product development and how the changing digital landscape empowers consumers to expect more from brands, businesses, and services.

Chris’ day-to-day at Intersect focuses on fostering partnership between various teams and stakeholders in order to effectively deliver digital products and services to our multi-billion dollar enterprise clients across front-end, back-end, consulting, and data-driven engagements. He has worked with big brands such as Target, American Express, the LCBO, and ExpressScripts and with challenger startups such as 500px and BitTorrent.

Chris is a strong proponent for the idea of execution over ideas – good ideas aren’t worth the pixel they’re displayed on if they can’t be brought to life with technology and teams aligned to the same mission statement and product goals.