Jad Yaghi Vice President, Engineering

Jad has mastered the art of failing – knowing when to fail and how to do so quickly – while learning. This has allowed him to quickly prototype, experiment and iterate his way to solutions to some very painful problems. He has also built and scaled numerous engineering and product teams, with a knack for finding and retaining the right people. Transforming them from individuals into effective delivery teams.

Through the combination of these two skills, he has been able to create four tech startups. These include Verold (acquired by Box), creating one of the first 3D engines in a browser to enable new at scale applications for 3D models. Or ProjectBeagle (acquired by FTi), building magnitude of order efficiency for the tourism industry, automating at scale many of the backend and mid-office processes of bookings.

His uncompromising belief that technology requires a purpose, a flaming vision to guide its application has guided all his projects. The energy, chaos, passion and love that come from putting together teams to create elegant, useful products – that solve a painful need – is a powerful drug that he constantly craves.

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