James Manson Director, Product Management

James is a Product Management Director at INTERSECT, with 10+ years experience delivering and defining digital ecosystems/products. He specializes in striking the balance between technical possibility, needs of the business, and advocacy for the end user. His focus comes with an expertise in bringing to market complex enterprise digital initiatives that depend on collaboration from many vendor partners and multiple stakeholders. James has delivered end to end on digital products in several industries and sectors including, banking, retail, health/pharmaceuticals, food & restaurants, medical devices, and insurance. It’s James’ mission to make possible the rapid delivery of large at scale digital projects that satisfy the ambitions of brands/clients and the needs of consumers, all while driving innovation in the digital product space.

When James is not working and improving the world of digital, he loves to geek out on business and economic books, trade stocks, work on home improvement projects, travel and spend time with his family.

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