Kim Liu Director, Engineering

Kim is the Director of Engineering at Intersect, overseeing the Solutions Architect and Back-end Engineering departments. Her obsession with growth and efficiency has enabled her to build both teams from the ground up, and scale as needed. Kim wakes up every morning with purpose and cares deeply for her team members. Her analytical thinking and attention to detail is directly reflected in the projects she oversees. Her strategic thinking and solution analysis helps bring in new business for Intersect. Kim’s primary focus is empowering her teams to deliver world-class software, design bullet-proof architecture, and evolve internal processes that are foundational for the organization.

Prior to her role as Director of Engineering at Intersect, Kim spent a decade in the industry, in roles extending across software development, tech leadership, and solution architecture. Kim has shipped products in telecom, retail, financial, and automotive verticals, including BMO, PCF, Bell, Rogers, Nissan USA, and has worked on both small- and large-scale projects in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Kim’s experience in the corporate and startup world gives her a holistic understanding of the technical, creative, and business challenges and opportunities facing organizations today.

When she isn’t changing the world of technology, Kim likes to lead competitive volleyball teams and challenge herself at Toronto sporting event charities. Kim is a huge advocate of good habits, always motivating her peers and teammates to reach higher ground and inspiring them to reshape their values.

Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!

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