Susan Shao

Director, Engineering

Susan currently leads the Solutions Architect, Technical Product Manager, and Business System Analyst engineering teams at Intersect. With over 10 years of consulting experience, Susan has worn multiple hats. She has served her clients as a Designer, a Business Analyst, a Project Manager, a Web Developer, and as a Mobile Developer. Susan has also demonstrated the ability to craft executable plans in her previous roles as Tech Lead and Solutions Architect by launching products for various-sized companies across a wide range of industries and domains. And she did this on time and on budget. 

Having been involved in all stages of product delivery, Susan understands the pain and sweat that comes with inspiration and excitement. She channels her range of knowledge and experience into leading her teams so that they can effectively enable engineering and deliver  feasible solutioning and architecture. The end result? No surprises for clients or engineering teams and artifacts which serve as the single source of truth to protect the integrity of the end-to-end delivery stream.

As a visible minority in her field, Susan is proud to be a part of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee at Intersect, raising awareness and contributing to initiatives internally and externally. She majored in Computer Science and minored in Fine Arts from the University of Waterloo. Outside of work, Susan enjoys painting on her self-made stretchers and growing her indoor succulent collection with her kids.