Security is more important today than ever, but harder to do right

Unfortunately, in today’s world, security breaches are becoming more and more common. Companies have to worry about keeping their own data, as well as their customers’, safe from outside threats. Whether companies are using customer information, payment information, or any other type of data to create great digital experiences, it needs to be managed in a safe and secure way. At Intersect, we believe this security needs to start with us and radiate through everything we do and everyone we work with.

Our response

Intersect needs to be certifiably safe, able to protect ourselves and our partners

To ensure we are protecting our clients and their customers and users, Intersect adopted the ISO framework for security controls to ensure that how we think about our work, our clients, what we build, and how we govern everything we do puts data security front and centre. For Intersect to be secure is one thing, but to educate and help our clients to ensure they’re safe as well is just as important.

Security questions to think about:

How are you protecting your own data?
How are you protecting your customer’s data?
Is your service provider protecting themselves and you?

Making sure data safety is at the top of every Intersect-er’s priorities

It’s not enough to just have a few people throughout the company thinking about our data safety. Security has to become everyone in the organization’s mandate. Over the course of several months we implemented many programs to educate our employees and guests about information security, including lunch and learns, expert talks, placing informational posters in key areas around the office, and Q&A sessions.

Making sure that our systems are setup for security success

Having our people be security smart was only part of the solution. The larger part came from implementing a set of guidelines and policies that all of our tools must adhere to as well. This included ensuring that all of the hardware and software that we use throughout our company were built following globally accepted security standards. We also implemented system administrator protocols across these tools so that they could not be used in ways that may compromise our data security. In addition to making sure our tools are secure, we also regularly vet the information that gets added, stored on, or goes through them to ensure that we are properly protecting it all.

Making sure our partners are just as secure as we are

Our job of creating data security isn’t finished when we hand off a finished product to our clients. We want to make sure that they are also set up to keep their customers’ data as safe as we keep theirs. That’s why every client engagement now includes audits and education to ensure that their systems and policies are as security conscious as we would have made them ourselves.


After implementing a framework for security controls and governing processes to ensure that Intersect’s tools, employees, and clients are following protocols to ensure data safety through our entire business, we underwent third-party auditing.

This resulted in Intersect becoming officially ISO 27001 certified. This means that our products, services, and systems meet specific requirements that ensure our clients that their data and their customers' data safety is of the utmost priority to us.