Our service specialties

Our team brings a lot to the table. Here are the ways we can help get your products to the next level.

Rapid prototyping

Everything starts with an idea. We help to build prototypes that show their true potential.

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An emphasis on customer and user empathy leads to creating experiences that customers love to use - and talk about.

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Product design

Good design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also equally usable and valuable.

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Development solutions that blaze a trail and deliver the future of your company’s products.

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Systems & hosting

From seamless migrations to custom architecture design and implementation, Intersect has solutions that will work for your business or product.

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Responsive web

A responsive web strategy lets you focus less on limitations and more on providing the best user experience.

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When users have the world in the palm of their hand, nothing is more powerful than an experience created specifically for that hand.

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Partnerships and certifications

We've taken additional steps to ensure our services are provided with the highest possible quality.

Adobe Solution partnership

You need cutting-edge solutions to take your company further. Our certified team of Adobe Experience Cloud experts puts Adobe technologies to work through implementations, creative services, technological innovations, solution development, system integration and strategic thought leadership. Ask us how we can bring the Adobe advantage to your work today.

Google Cloud partnership

We know what it takes to engineer amazing products. That's why we partnered with Google Cloud - to deliver solutions without barriers to innovation or scale. Reach out to our team to learn more about how Google and Intersect are working together.

Our ISO certification

We've adopted the ISO framework for security controls to ensure that how we think about our work, our clients, what we build, and how we govern everything we do puts data security front and centre.

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