Technical feasibility

We believe in responsible prototyping, meaning every prototype we develop is based in technical feasibility and backed up by documentation.

Minimum lovable prototypes (MVPs)

A minimum viable product allows you to receive valuable feedback on the trajectory of a product from the people that will actually use it. Our team creates prototypes that balance utility, reward, and delight; ensuring we aren’t just putting a viable product out, but one that is lovable.

Research & development prototypes

We use the scientific process (hypothesize, predict, test, analyze, repeat) to quickly answer questions and solve problems.

Momentum-building prototypes

Want to get your idea across in more than just words? Our prototypes are the ultimate sales tool - for both internal stakeholder alignment and customer buy-in.

Agile development ready

We create development-ready UI components to preserve momentum so we can get you to development as soon as possible.

The magic of an MVP

Minimum viable prototypes

Without feedback from real product users, your chances of success are greatly reduced. However, the more abstract a concept is to your users, the less likely you are to receive valuable feedback. We help clients get their ideas out of their heads and into tangible experiences that can be put in front of real people for genuine useful feedback.

Our product discovery process

We believe in responsible prototyping - this means that we are doing great product development and strategy at the same time as scoping technical feasibility.

A flowchart detailing our product discovery process.

Application map

An organizational map establishing the breadth and depth of a product; demonstrating unique screens, architecture, and hierarchy. An app map allows our product and engineering teams to focus section work efforts effectively.

Product by objective canvas

Our team has created a framework called Product By Objective Canvas which we use to help us and you understand the strategy behind a product. This becomes a one-page document that clearly articulates the goals, strategies, tactics, and objectives for the product.

InVision prototype

InVision is a prototyping tool that showcases product experiences in an image-based format. The tool allows for multiple reviewers to provide notes and track changes so that a consensus can be met before moving to build the full prototype.

Architecture diagram

Once a prototype’s design is complete, we provide your team with architecture diagrams and technical overview design documents that support the requirements of the prototype.

Swagger API contract

Swagger is a language-agnostic interface for REST APIs that can be read by both humans and machines. A Swagger spec allows for teams to understand a service without having to heavily invest in source code, documentation, or network traffic.

Technology assessment

Our solutions architects work closely with your team to understand your existing infrastructure and data to identify any areas of complexity. The resulting assessment provides a plan for product engineering and deployment.

Proof of concepts

R&D technical prototypes

Sometimes a great idea seems like it will be impossible to actually build. The difference between seeming impossible and actually being possible can only be determined by testing it out for yourself. We help our clients go through the scientific method to hypothesize, build, test, analyze, and repeat until we have a definite answer or find a way to make the seemingly impossible possible.

Gain internal traction

Momentum building prototypes

It’s not always easy to put your idea into words that people will fully understand. That’s why our team helps companies to put their ideas into people’s hands instead. Being able to see and understand a product, even as a prototype, can help to convey the things that words can’t and help you to sell your idea much easier.

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