Strategy framework

Our product strategy mix acts as a framework for how we look at a problem to develop the right product solution - looking at the perspectives and contexts that impact our clients’ business.

User perspective

We hold 1-on-1 customer interviews, send out surveys, and do our own external research to get in the user’s head. At the end of this process we create a series of personas and start mapping the customer journey.

Business perspective

To balance business goals with the user’s needs, we also hold 1-on-1 interviews and deep dives with stakeholders and review any documentation, analytics, or existing research available. We use this information to determine our market goals.

Competitive context

We review a number of products and services across the industry we’re working in, as well as products and services from different industries, to draw inspiration from a wide range of sources.

Technology context

After an evaluation of current system architecture and a tech stack analysis, we start creating tech flows, sequence diagrams, Swagger documentation - whatever we need for the project at hand.

Core values

Partnering with our clients

We work closely with our clients to understand everything we need to know about the product - the customer, the business goals and challenges, the tech constraints, and the vision for where the product can go. We use this information to shape the strategy that defines the project going forward.

Establishing a baseline

We also do our own research, including user interviews and testing, competitive research, initial app maps, and technical deep dives. This helps us spot gaps, find new perspectives, and make sure we've covered all our bases.

Defining expectations

At the end of a strategy engagement, we create a Product by Objectives. The PBO is the single source of truth that establishes our approach to the product, how we're going to make that approach happen, and how we'll know if we're successful. We'll refer back to the PBO throughout the design and development pages to make sure we're staying on track.

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