Intersect is changing the way people interact with their money

The world of money is evolving and Intersect gets it. Money no longer means just the paper that’s in your wallet. Money needs to move digitally, quickly, and in smart and safe ways. We help you create customized solutions that help customers manage their money in safe and efficient ways that work for their modern lifestyle.

Intersect Can Help You Build Products That Make Cents:

Payment Systems

Foreign Exchange Platforms

Atomic Design

Fraud/Identity Protection

E-Commerce for FinTech

How We Do It

Foster User Empathy

Placing banking customers needs at the heart of experience design

Speed As Currency

Financial clients’ preferences are changing at the speed of culture we understand that development and design must be as nimble

Streamlining Design & Development

A focus on great design means an emphasis on how financial products work in the hands of their users

Rapid Prototyping

The world of finance changes quickly companies must be able to iterate quickly

What We've Done Already

Case 1

Creating A Platform To Help Customers Move Their Money In A Smarter And Faster Way

Sending money abroad is not as easy as one would think. Most of the options available are run by networks outside from customers’ banks, slow, expensive, and slap their customers with all kinds of hidden fees on top of it all. There had to be a better way.

Working with one of Canada’s Big 5 Banks, Intersect was approached to help bring transparency and speed to the way their customers send money abroad through building an FX Transfer Platform.

Bank FX Platform

Microservices Architecture

Cheaper FX Rates

The Result

Intersect worked with the bank to build a platform that could be baked into all of their already deployed touch points, including their Mobile Banking App, that allows their clients to easily transfer money to over 160 countries at set rates within seconds and without any hidden fees. The platform was built leveraging a microservices infrastructure that will allow them to further develop and scale the FX Transfer Platform as needed, a first for a Big 5 Canadian Bank.

Why hand your clients over to unreliable third-parties when you can offer the same services and keep your customers in-house? Talk with us about how we can create customized software and platforms that will provide your customers with better experiences.

Case 2

Reinforcing The Brand Through The Use Of Atomic Design

How can a company with a diversified digital portfolio of applications and platforms ensure that everything they do has a cohesive look and feel without the need to create and code design elements on an adhoc basis, lightening the load on their design team while helping their developers to create products faster?

One of North America’s largest banks recruited Intersect to help them define and create a design language and visual framework that would help to create a greater cohesion among their design and development teams.

Asset Library

Functional Team Usability

Brand + Design Standarization

The Result

Leveraging principles of System Design, we were able to deconstruct the bank’s visual style and then build repeatable components that were placed in a complete UI component library that has been adopted as a standard across the entire bank.

Giving consumers a consistent look and feel across everything your company does helps to reinforce your brand. Are you giving your customers a unified experience?

Case 3

Rapid Prototyping to Get To Market Faster

With more of the world’s financial transactions moving to the online space, there needs to be ways to ensure that all of these transactions are being made in legit manner. Fraud detection needs to be in place to make people feel safer about paying for things and moving their money digitally.

One of the world’s largest FinTech companies came to Intersect and requested that we help them redesign their Identity Management Tool in a quick and efficient manner.


Stakeholder Alignment

Agility + Speed to Market

The Result

Intersect educated their team on the benefits and process of agile development methodology. Using their new method and leveraging Intersect’s Rapid Prototyping Process, we were able to help them build a framework for their newly designed platform quicker than they ever had before. That prototype has since become the framework for the potential white-labeling of the platform to the company's financial institutional partners.

Moving fast in today’s market is a huge advantage to your brand. Being able to prototype, test, and repeat quickly and easily will help you get products to market faster. Is your company moving fast enough?

The way consumers think about their money is evolving. Is the way you handle money keeping up? Let Intersect help you take advantage of the possibilities to make currency digital, quick, and safe, in customized ways that work for you and your customers equally.