Intersect is transforming the Global Insurance Industry

By empowering Carriers and their Partners through customized insurance technology services designed around experiences that make the insurance process easier, faster, and more efficient for their policyholders and employees.

Intersect can Help you Claim the Future

Launch Consumer Marketplaces

Increase eFNOL

Give Real-time Policy Quotes

Reduce Call Center Volume

Improve the Claims Process

How We Do It

Foster User Empathy

Build experiences that policyholders love

Transparency is Everything

Real-time updates on claim status for policyholders

Shorten Training Time

Software that takes days, not months, in new employee on-boarding time

Scale Efficiency

Decrease 3rd party and customer queries freeing up dollars and hours

What We've Done Already

Case 1

Using Design Thinking to Create Call-Center Efficiency

Working with one of the largest US Insurance Carriers, Intersect was able to implement a new way of thinking around how 3rd Party Carrier FNOL claims should be digitally reported and organized by call-center teams.

Clear & Simple User-First Design

Clear Reporting Progress

Simplified Language

Quick Navigation

Design is not about what it looks like, it’s about how it works. Here’s how we tackled this challenge:

  • An indication of progress through the claim reporting process greatly improved accuracy in reporting
  • Basic language within any call to action inspires honesty in the completion of eFNOL claims
  • Story telling and quick navigation through multiple fields made the claim details easy to record

The Result

6 months later, call volume decreased by 30%, significantly reducing costs.

What is your call-center experience like? Could it use some updating? Ask us how we can help.

Case 2

Quotation Engines That Don’t Need an Underwriter for Ignition...

Getting an online insurance quote has never been an easy or pretty process. Supporting one of Canada’s leading insurance brands, Intersect was challenged to create a quick-quote policy engine that removes the dependency on an underwriter.

Sample Steps to a Policy Quote

Tell Us About Your Business

Answer Questions About Your Needs

Customize Your Quote

Lock in a New Policy

The Result

Users now have access to a system that can provide them with a quote in under 2 minutes by simply answering less than 5 questions.

How many potential customers are you losing during the ‘policy-shop’ process? Want to reduce the steps in that sales funnel and create more leads? Intersect can help. Ask us how we can help.

Case 3

Using Technology To Make Auto Claims Feel Human...

Reporting a car accident can be a moment of high anxiety and emotions for anyone. How do you demonstrate empathy to your insured at that moment where they really need you?

Using Empathy in Design

Understand When & How the User Interacts

Cater the Designs to the User’s Needs

Make Interactions Contextual to Their Emotional State

Use Language to Make a Personal Connection

Working with one of the world’s largest Financial Services Companies, Intersect was tasked with creating an experience for the auto claim submission process that puts the needs of the user and their situation first.

In just 4 weeks, our teams were able to deliver an initial prototype that leveraged the rich functionality of a mobile device, such as geo-location and the camera, to create a simplified mobile claim submission process.

The Result

Policyholders are able to begin their claims process at the scene of the accident, bypassing both the emotional and administrative hassle of a traditional auto insurance policy claim. This app later became the most downloaded app from a Insurance Carrier in Canada once launched.

Do your insured feel like their needs are being taken into account when you design products? Ask us how we can help.

It’s time for you to Claim The Future. Let Intersect help you create customized insurtech solutions made specifically to help your customers and employees get through the insurance process in the easiest, fastest, and most efficient ways.