The Intrapreneur Alliance

Celebrating the innovators, risk-takers and change agents that are building the products of the future within large organizations.

Since 2016, the Intrapreneur Alliance (IA) has been highlighting incredible corporate champions who are on a mission to take their companies into the future. We provide a forum where these “shift disturbers” are celebrated for their creativity, while connecting them to a powerful peer group to share ideas, tactics, and business opportunities. We believe that momentum is the most powerful force in business, so the IA was a natural and organic way for us to help inspire others to drive their own momentum, and ultimately, create value across our community.

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Nov 26, 2019

Don’t Let Fear Be the Reason You’re Not Innovating

by Intrapreneur Alliance Journal
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Past event recaps

IA Dinner Series

September 12, 2019

Each quarter, we invite a curated group of intrapreneurs to join us for an intimate evening of great conversation and culinary enjoyment. There’s no agenda, no content, no selling. Just a group of smart people connecting authentically.

5-7 Mingler Series

January 21, 2020

Our casual bi-monthly 5-7 gatherings bring together a fabulous group of intrapreneurs and innovators from across the community for an informal, laid back evening of refreshments and great conversations.