March 30, 2017

If You Don’t Innovate, Your Industry Will Leave You Behind

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Recently we had a chance to sit down with Jeff Goldenberg, the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Abacus, a data-driven, growth-focused agency. Before his time as an entrepreneur starting Abacus, Jeff was an intrapreneur at a company called Borrowell. During his time there, Jeff learned firsthand how large companies were slow to innovate while younger new players were innovating in ways the established companies didn’t even see coming. This taught him a lot, especially about how companies with established revenue streams needed to start thinking about how they could stay relevant through innovation and intrapreneurship.

During our chat, Jeff explained why every company needs to be thinking about how they can innovate and evolve. If established companies aren’t thinking about innovation, a new player that wasn’t on their radar can swoop in from nowhere with a new idea that will completely change an industry. He also talked to us about how large companies and startups can work together and what they can learn from one another to ensure they’re always moving forward.

Jeff was full of great ideas that individual intrapreneurs and large, established companies can both learn from. Check out everything Jeff had to say below:

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Jeff Goldenberg

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer


Jeff is also the Co-Author of The Growth Hacker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

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