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Corporate Innovation Is On The Rise, But Still Has A Long Way To Go

Brian Solis has long been a proponent for digital transformation among large corporations, spending a large portion of his career trying to understand where companies are heading, what common roadblocks they run into, and speaking and consulting to companies to help them move in the right direction. In doing this he has outlined what he... [Read More]

Let’s Make 2018 The Year of The Intrapreneur

2017 was a great year for The Intrapreneur Alliance. Through the great feedback we received we know that you appreciated the diversified content we were able to create and share through The Intrapreneur Alliance Journal. We held several in-person events that attracted fantastic and knowledgeable speakers and brought together a wide range of incredible intrapreneurs.... [Read More]

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OK Go Has Great Advice For How You Can Find Your Next Great Innovative Idea

When it comes to ideas, inspiration can come from just about anywhere. Sometimes ideas for how intrapreneurs can come up with great ideas can even come from unexpected places; like a pop-rock band. OK Go is a successful band who makes great music, but are probably more well known for their crazy, outrageous, and incredibly... [Read More]

The Importance Of Encouraging Intrapreneurship

As we get ready to head into a new year, many companies are strategizing about how they make it their best year yet. They’re considering many things, such as, what they can fix that hasn’t been working, what new innovations could they create and invest in that can enable the company to move into the... [Read More]

RECAP: Experts Discuss The Pillars of Innovation

If you couldn’t be at our breakfast event in Toronto a few weeks ago, you missed a great panel discussion about three pillars that are key to making innovation happen. Not to worry though. We anticipated that our four panelists would have some great things to say and advice to pass on, and we recorded... [Read More]

The Business of Ideas

Having ideas is amazing. Ideas are what lead us to invention, innovation and what makes us as humans such interesting and inquisitive people. However, having ideas is not enough. Everybody has ideas. It is the people who are able to put their ideas into action that end up changing the world. Ideas are unformed nuggets... [Read More]

Watch The World Premiere of SPARK: Igniting The Intrapreneur

The existence of intrapreneurs is by no means new to the world of business. There have always been unique individuals within the walls of corporations who have had the desire to push boundaries by introducing innovative ideas that help the organization move forward into the future. However, giving these people a name, “intrapreneur”, is relatively... [Read More]

The Pillars of Innovation

For intrapreneurs, it’s important to remember that innovation is a verb, not a noun. Innovation isn’t your final product, it’s how you get to there. That’s why it’s important to set yourself and your company up for success when working to create something innovative. There are many things that can help a company achieve success... [Read More]

Learn From The Pros What The Foundations of Innovation Are All About

All intrapreneurs strive to innovate. They want to create change to benefit their company. The problem with innovation though is that most people only think about the final output. The problem with that thinking is that is that innovation itself is actually a process -with orchestrated steps and it can sometimes be a long and arduous... [Read More]

6 Traits Of Successful Intrapreneurs

Here at the Intrapreneur Alliance Journal, we’re always looking for inspiration for stories or ideas that would be useful to intrapreneurs in their journey. Recently, we came across this video from YouTube user Viktoriya Blazheva about six traits that successful intrapreneurs posses: While it was interesting to see these six traits, we wanted to dig... [Read More]