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SPARK; A Documentary All About Intrapreneurs

Recently, the Intrapreneur Alliance celebrated our one year anniversary. It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year already! To commemorate this special occasion we have something very exciting to share with you today. But first, a little history. When we started the Intrapreneur Alliance, we did it with the intention of empowering intrapreneurs (and... [Read More]

Two Things To Think About Before Taking Your Idea To Your Boss

Some intrapreneurs are lucky to be part of a corporate innovation program, but not everyone has that luxury. Others just have the spark inside of them and come up with a great idea they know can help their company if they just get it in front of the right person. If you’re one of the... [Read More]

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The Founder of Behance’s Rules To Making Ideas Happen

Coming up with an idea is only part of an intrapreneur’s battle. The other, and arguably larger and harder part, is discovering ways to make that idea happen. While doing some research around how people and companies make their ideas happen, we came across this TED Talk fromScott Belsky, the founder and CEO of Behance,... [Read More]

Gregarious Narain’s 7 Pillars That Make Innovation Happen

Gregarious Narain has both worked for startups and founded a few of his own over his career. Now, as the founder and Lead Alpha at his newest venture, Greg is taking those years of experience of creating innovation and bringing it into large companies. BeforeAlpha is Gregarious’ new consulting firm that specializes in enabling organizations... [Read More]

All Employees Can Be Intrapreneurs If You Give Them A Chance

In the past few issues of the Intrapreneur Journal, we’ve put a focused on ways that companies can innovate that don’t involve building new technology. Sometimes though, it’s hard to figure out what these innovations could be. For example, if a process inside a company can be better or more efficient, it’s really only the... [Read More]

Small Ideas Make A Big Difference

Because we often describe an intrapreneur as an entrepreneur who works for a company they don’t own, people often assume that to be an intrapreneur you need to have big, game-changing ideas. Today, we’d like to dispel that thought. Being an intrapreneur doesn’t mean that you have to be the person to come up with... [Read More]

3 Ways to Innovate Without Focusing on the Product

To the man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail. To the company with a shiny new product technology, everything looks like innovation. It’s hard to break the mental bias that “innovation” equals a new product. In our everyday lives as consumers, we are exposed to countless new offerings in the forms of ‘new... [Read More]

Innovation Isn’t Just About Technology

Many budding intrapreneurs may shy away from aspirations to help their company evolve because they may not know a lot about technology or building software. But we have a secret to share: innovation doesn’t always have to be about technology. Often we think about modern innovation as solely coming from technological advancements, and we forget... [Read More]

Get Innovation Going At Your Company By Doing These 3 Things Startups Do

Being an intrapreneur isn’t easy. Not all companies are willing to take a risk on innovation when they already have an established way of doing business and generating revenue. Much like how startups need to convince Venture Capitalists to invest in their company, intrapreneurs need to find creative ways to convince management that investing in... [Read More]

Growing A Corporate Startup – Early Lessons Learned

For the past 6 months, I’ve been on an amazing journey as the General Manager of Zero Gravity Labs. ZGL is the innovation arm of LoyaltyOne (best known for the Air Miles Reward Program) and, as of February, we’ve spun out from ‘the mothership’, launched our own brand and settled into a startup-like (i.e. a... [Read More]