Apple Features Vu In Their “Top Made In Canada” Collection

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We’re proud to announce that iTunes has picked Vu for its Top 10 Canadian-made apps list. The list is part of a larger Made In Canada list featuring the best in Canadian content that’s been published just in time for Canada Day!

We’re very fortunate to be partnered with such a strong and vibrant startup as Vu Digital, based out of Ridgeland, Mississippi. Their complete trust in BNOTIONS enabled our Strategy, Design/UX and Data Science teams to develop a truly unique and powerful platform. Our partnership has grown over the course of developing Vu, collaborating with them has revitalized our passion to develop beautiful, intuitive application for the world to experience.

Apple recognizes the world-class quality design and user experience that makes Vu one of the most sought after news applications on the market today. By showcasing Vu alongside Canadian companies like Lululemon Athletics and Wave Accounting, Apple has given Vu the opportunity to be discovered and experienced by more Canadians than ever before.

Vu Mobile is a game-changing app that entirely rethinks the content curation experience. Vu finds, organizes and delivers content to you from all over the web. Users can discover articles from the trending tab, the recommended reading tab, or by browsing through various topics. Users can also tailor their content experience by telling the app whether they like articles and topics surfaced by the app.


Vu had an strong launch last month, which saw the app named Editor’s Choice and Featured App in the iTunes App Store, and are pleased to see great user reviews resulting in a solid 4-star+ rating.

The most recent release of Vu Mobile gives its users ultimate control over their content experience, allowing them to completely customize streams of content called Vues. Whether by interest or favorite publisher, users can create a custom Vu for all of their interests, served up in a unique and easily navigable rolodex-style interface.

Congratulations to all the other publishers that have been featured.  View the entire iTunes “Made in Canada” list here!

Thanks Apple!