Are you a UX Copywriter? Join us for ScribbleTO

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As I touched on in a previous post, copy plays a crucial role in UX. At the barest of minimums, copy explains and instructs (‘Tap here,’ ‘Swipe right’), but at its best, copy brings products to life, imparting voice and personality that engages and retains users. An app can be superlative in every way, but it still needs meaningful words to go where all that lorem ipsum is.

So why isn’t anyone talking about it?

Practically speaking, who cares? Why don’t we start talking about it?

I’m looking for other UX copywriters, those by trade (copywriters) or necessity (UX, IA, and UI designers, engineers), and other interested parties to start the conversation. I want to talk about naming buttons, creating great onboarding experiences, and making error messages make sense. I want to explore process, elevate craft, and build resources, among many other things.

These are a few of my ideas, and I’m sure you have some too. You know what they say: Lots of brains > one brain. The first UX Copywriter meetup, ScribbleTO, will be happening at BNOTIONS HQ on Thursday, February 27, 6:30 – 8PM. Join here.

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