C Spire Wireless Reinvents Loyalty Program with PERCS

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C Spire & BNOTIONS are happy to announce the release of the PERCS Mobile Application, available now for iOS and Android. The app is the latest way that members can take advantage of PERCS, the loyalty rewards program by C Spire that is the only one of its kind. The PERCS loyalty rewards program is free and rewards each member simply for being a C Spire customer and allows them to earn and redeem points.


BNOTIONS was engaged by C Spire to help create a new mobile app that brought the entire PERCS loyalty rewards program to life. This app development partnership has resulted in a simple, fun app that is a pleasure to use. The PERCS app employs a combination of consumer loyalty, gamification, and mCommerce to deliver an amazing experience to current and future PERCS members, essentially rewarding members for being themselves.

“We knew that BNOTIONS would help us rethink the rewards space to deliver an amazing experience that combines form, function, and fun to our wide network of customers. Their dedication to creating a product that would delight our users while helping us achieve our business goals has been tireless. The result: PERCS is not only a best-in-class app, but also unlike anything currently in-market.”

C Spire, Jim Richmond, Vice President of Corporate Communications


Check out Behind the Scenes: The Making of the PERCS app – C Spire for more info and get a sense of everything that went into the strategy and development of the PERCS mobile app.

Here are some of PERCS’ amazing, forward thinking features:

  • Beautiful and easy-to-use interface
  • An experience that’s tailored to each user, allowing them to search, explore, and discover the latest products and get personalized recommendations
  • A Referrals section, which allows users to refer their friends and family to C Spire for big rewards
  • Digital membership card, so users will always have it on them
  • Everyday opportunities to earn PERCS points with activities like sharing the app with friends, browsing offers, and checking in to C Spire stores.
  • Users can put their points towards rewards they actually want, like gift cards or device upgrades
  • Real time tracking of points, so customers can be rewarded in real time – wherever they are
  • Gamification through Status levels, each with increasing benefits, and the setting of Goals, which allows users to work toward a reward
  • Users can gift points to friends or to charities through PERCS with a Purpose


“With its blend of rewards, gamification, and product discovery, wrapped in a beautiful UI, the PERCS app is sure to make waves in the loyalty space. It’s yet another example of how C Spire is leading innovation in the telecom industry, and we are thrilled to be a part of it.”

Alkarim Nasser – Managing Partner, BNOTIONS

This marks the beginning of innovation in the loyalty space for telecom companies, as well as the continuation of a strong partnership
between C Spire and BNOTIONS.

The PERCS App is available for free on Android from Google Play
The PERCS App is available for free on iPhone through the App Store

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