David Bui Joins Intersect To Help Attract The Best And Brightest Talent

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We’ve always said that Intersect’s greatest strength is our people.

In order for us to find and attract such great people, we need someone equally as great in a recruitment role. Luckily, we recently brought on a Talent Acquisition Specialist that lives up to that hype; David Bui.

Rather than us telling you all about how great David is, we decided to let him tell you himself. We recently sat down to speak with David about what he’ll be doing here at Intersect, what attracted him to work with us, what roles he’s currently hiring for, and… unicorns.

Here’s what David had to tell us:

Let’s start with an easy question; Who are you and what do you here at Intersect?

My name is David, and I am the talent and acquisition specialist here at Intersect.

Great! We want to welcome you to the team, David, and we’re excited to introduce you to the rest of the world. So tell us, before you came to Intersect, what were you doing?

Prior to Intersect, I was a technical recruiter at a firm called Workbridge Associates, and then prior to that I actually did sales at Koodo Mobile under Telus.

Oh, awesome. How did you first learn about Intersect?

I first learned about Intersect probably two and a half years ago. I actually did some work with Karlie [Intersect’s Senior Human Resource Specialist] back then. So, when the opportunity came up, I definitely took it.

And what attracted you to the Intersect team?

I think the first thing that attracted me was definitely the culture and the environment. I remember when I first worked with the team, probably back in, 2015 or 16-ish, I definitely fell in love with the culture and environment. Especially when, the minute I walked in, and there’s that whole clapping for people thing. And then, of course, just meeting everyone here. I would say those would be the top two reasons why I wanted to be part of Intersect.

Our culture is definitely something we pride ourselves on here. Aside from the culture though, what are you most excited about now that you’re here and part of Intersect?

I’m excited about the growth potential, professionally, in the sense that I haven’t done recruitment on the internal side before. So, just being able to grow another skill set and evolve, especially in a fun environment.

Since you’ve done recruitment as an outside recruiter and now you’re an internal recruiter, what have you found are some of the bigger challenges when it comes to finding the top tech talent here in Toronto where there’s, obviously, a very competitive and exciting scene?

I think, especially recently, the hardest thing about getting top tech talent in Toronto, (is that a tongue twister?), is the competition. There’s a lot of large organizations opening large offices in Toronto and just their brand power alone is pretty strong competition when it comes to tech space. The nice thing about Toronto, though, is that, because it’s a bit of a tech hub, it’s constantly growing. Toronto itself is constantly attracting talent, so the pool here is large. But it’s a very competitive pool, especially with Amazon and various other enterprise companies opening offices here. All of the banks are opening up more attractive, digital innovation shops too, which can be attractive, because not only do you get the smaller feel, not a start-up, but more like an established start-up, but also with the backing of a large brand name. So that’s where the competition comes in to play.

What kind of tricks do you have up your sleeve or think that we have to offer here at Intersect that differentiates us from all these other companies?

I would say, obviously, culture is the top thing. Because at the end of the day, in terms of work, culture is half the battle with a lot of people, especially when they’re selecting a new work environment. People ask;  is the work is cool? But also, is this a fun environment? Is this one that I can grow in? Can I connect with people here? And Intersect is a place that can say yes to most of those for a lot of people.

And then, what I can offer, honestly, is probably my speed and experience/knowledge of the Toronto tech market. I have been doing tech recruitment in Toronto for approximately three-plus years, now. So, I know the scene very well, and speed is important because people in tech go on and off the market very quickly. So, a lot of the time it’s like a first come first served basis.

So, now that we’ve learned a little bit about you at work, when you’re not working, what does David do for fun?

I like watching really trashy reality TV shows. Those are really fun. I really got into a show called The Black Ink Crew. Obviously, I love my Drag Race and obviously my Jersey Shore. But outside of just binge watching garbage TV, I really like being outside a lot. I like doing adventurous stuff and exploring the outdoors. I love reading men’s fashion blogs. Oh! And also, I love shopping.

Speaking of shopping, David, you sit at the desk across from me, and I’ve noticed that you have a fondness for unicorns. How did that start?

I just think they’re fun, to be honest. I think they’re the most fun because they’re not real, in the sense that there’s not a flying horse with a horn that you can go see in the wild or the zoo. So, I’ve just kind of always liked them. And also, in my mind, because they’re not real, I can shape them any way I want. Also, there’s a lot of unicorn products out there.

Do you know that the unicorn is the official national animal of Scotland?

It should be the official animal of every country.

On a final note, the important question that readers of our blog are going to want to know is now that you’re here doing recruiting, what are the top three positions you’re currently trying to recruit for?

We are actively growing and I am always interested in having conversations with individuals interested in the work that Intersect does. The top 3 roles that I am actively looking to recruit for right now is a Hands On Back End Manager, iOS developers and Full Stack React/Node Web Developers of all levels.

Well, we want to welcome you to the team, David, and we’re excited to see who you bring on to work with us.


Intersect is currently growing very quickly and we have many more roles that we’re hiring for in addition to the 3 David mentioned above. If you’d like to also join our team and build amazing products, check out all of our current open positions on our careers page.