Excitement Awaits at AndroidTO 2017

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We’re thrilled that in just a few weeks it will be time for AndroidTO again!

On September 20th AndoridTO, part of this year’s Google DevFest, returns for its 8th straight year. AndroidTO is a full-day conference featuring talks and breakout sessions given by expert programmers and tech creators across a wide range of fields and from some of the world’s best companies.We hope that you’ll come out to join us as well.

This year’s lineup features speakers from companies such as Uber, Citrix, TD Bank, The New York Times, and, of course, Symbility Intersect, covering topics ranging from Instant Apps to security, and IoT offices to voice interactions. Here are a few highlights of this year’s lineup:

Ty SmithTy Smith, Deep Android Integrations – Ty Smith is a tech lead at Uber focusing on their external developer platform and wants to show you how magical moments can happen when app-to-app integration is done right. With years of experience in this topic, Ty will share some of his advice and best practices for how to create efficient and magical native flows between apps.

Little DadaLindy Wilkins & Hillary Predko, Android Apparatus: Blending the Physical and Digital Worlds – Lindy Wilkins and Hillary Predko are leads from Little Dada, a Toronto based collective that explores the role of technology in culture through whimsical works that cast a critical lens on techno-utopian narratives. At AndroidTO, the pair will be showing off their Android Apparatus, a glowing piece of cyber armour custom fit for an aerial hoop dancer, while telling us about how the piece came about, how they built it, and giving us a performance of the Apparatus in action.

Peter OrganaPeter Organa, Demystifying Android Security – Peter Organa is one of our own from Symbility Intersect and understands the decisions that developers and others have to make in relation to the security of their products and their users’ data. This year at AndroidTO he’ll be leading a session all about several security attack vectors, how they expose your app and your users, how the attacks work, and most importantly – what steps you can take to prevent the attack.

Faisal AbidFaisal Abid, Flutter – Faisal Abid is a Google Developer Expert and will be leading a workshop demonstrating Flutter, a new native mobile app SDK by Google. Flutter allows you to build an app using a single codebase and converts it into both Android and iOS native apps. Faisal’s workshop will teach you how to build Flutter apps from the ground up, regardless of your app development experience.

These are just a few highlights of the great things we’ll see and learn on September 20th at the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto. You can see the full schedule for the day here on the AndroidTO website.

To register for AndroidTO today, click here. Seats are limited!