Give Me An Hour, I’ll Give You Solutions

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If you give me an hour, a room with three or more people, and a pressing topic for your business or product, together we can come up with solutions. Using some not-so-secret tech, I can help you highlight and determine the key issues around that problem and determine a series of solutions, prioritized by impact and effort which are ready to be tested or implemented in the real world.  

“That’s impossible!” – Anonymous Person in our Company

It may sound impossible, but I assure you it’s not. Allow me to introduce you to the Lightning Decision Jam.

Over the years, many processes similar to this one have existed, but the amazing folks at AJ and Smart came up with this particular iteration of the workshop and gave it a perfect name; The Lightning Decision Jam (LDJ). A mix of design thinking and product sprint methodologies, the LDJ gives the participants an opportunity to share their thoughts, vote on issues, and offer viable solutions without a bunch of meetings or circular discussion.

The Lightning Decision Jam can serve as a kickoff for a lot of different topics or product issues.

I recently facilitated an internal workshop focussing on onboarding our new hires. We’ve been growing like crazy this year (41% increase to our total team so far!) which has put a strain on our onboarding process. Led by our amazing HR department, our onboarding has been evolving but they are always looking for ways to improve the process. Missed opportunities while onboarding a new hire can be very costly, so we were determined to find some updates to make this process even better.

The meeting I facilitated was only one hour long, but in that time we were able to come up with four different ways to make a targeted part of the onboarding process better. There wasn’t any fighting or annoying power plays by the people involved. We simply highlighted some issues, voted on their priority, and created viable solutions.

The actual artifacts are pretty impressive:

  • 27 noted positives about the current process
  • 30 things we would improve
  • 1 primary issue determined by voting, turned into a positive challenge by creating a “How Might We Statement” 
    • HMW statements allow you to reframe a problem with a more optimistic outlook eg. “The office is too loud!” turns into “How Might We accommodate people who need quiet in the office.”
  • 35 potential solutions
  • 4 Actionable Tasks!

It really is that simple. And we want to teach more companies about how they can get these kinds of results quickly and easily as well.

If you’re interested in learning more, let us know (We love to facilitate these sessions). We happily facilitate sessions like this and others that promote stronger team alignment and help to solve your organization’s most pressing issues, whether you already know what they are or not. You can read about them and learn more on our Corporate Education page. And if you want to learn more about Lightning Decision Jams, you can check out AJ and Smart’s overview video right here: 

The other result from a successful LDJ?

“Sweet. When’s the next one?” – That Same Anonymous Person in our Company

(Want to see the results of our onboarding Lightning Decsision Jam for yourself? Come work with us! We’re still growing!)