Intersect’s 5th Annual Bike Day

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We’re pretty fortunate people, here at Intersect. We get to spend our days creating exciting digital products for clients we love working with. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to be as fortunate as us. But we have a desire to change that, and we’ve started by trying to make summer days better for some less fortunate kids in the Greater Toronto area.

For the fifth year in a row, Intersect has teamed up with My First Wheels, a charity that collects bicycles for children in lower-income neighbourhoods across the greater Toronto area, to make sure that more kids in our community get the summer that they deserve; one where they have a bike and all the fun and freedom that comes with it.

Bike Day has become one of the days that Intersecters most look forward to every year. It’s a day where we get to take a break from our usual day to day and spend it building bikes and coming together to have a different type of fun that makes us all feel great for knowing what the outcome of the day will be:

“We’re pretty lucky that we get to be able to do this year after year,” said Paul Crowe, Senior Leader of Intersect. “Bike Day is probably my favourite day of the year. Having two kids of my own I know the joy that children get from being able to ride their own bike, so I love that we get to spread that joy to other children and bring a little more happiness to the community around our company. This year was the most we’ve been able to build and donate and I hope we get to bring that joyous feeling to even more kids next year.”

This year, as our team has grown to the largest it’s ever been (and we’re still growing and looking for awesome new team members) which means we were able to build the most bikes to date. This year we built 19 bikes for the kids, bringing our total to 65 bikes donated to My First Wheels over the past five years. In addition to the bikes, we also donated helmets and bells to go with each bike because we know that safety is a priority when learning how to ride.

If you’d like to see just how magical of a day Bike Day is for us, check out this video of Bike Day 2019:

Intersect Bike Day 2019

If you’d like to learn more, make a donation, or get involved with My First Wheels, please check out their website here.