Our Commitment To Your Data Safety

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Data is a word that gets thrown around a lot today, especially in the digital world where data can take on many forms.

It could be your credit card information that’s being held by your cellular provider. It could be your history of where you’ve traveled to using an app-based ride service. It could be a list of things you like or prefer that you’ve told a company so they can serve you more relevant content. It could be the pictures that you’re storing on your phone that you never had any intention of putting online. It could even be information about your customers that is only meant to be used by your company.

In all of the cases listed above, data takes on a role of some kind of private, or semi-private, information that is meant for just you and a small number of people or companies. Unfortunately, every day we hear of more and more about outside sources that want to get their hands on that data for any number of reasons.

Here at Symbility Intersect, we work with a wide variety of clients and an even wider variety of data to help us create incredible digital experiences for them. We recognize that our clients’ data and the data of their customers and users is very important and needs to be managed in a way that is safe and secure. That’s why earlier this year we set out on a mission to ensure that data safety became an even bigger priority for us than it was previously (and we took it pretty seriously before).

Today we’re thrilled to officially announce that Symbility Intersect was recently ISO 27001 certified. This means that our products, services, and systems meet specific requirements that ensure that our clients’ and their customers’ data will be safe while working with us.

The process of being certified meant educating all of our staff on proper data safety guidelines and best practices. It also meant ensuring that all of the hardware and software that we build and use follow a set of globally-accepted security standards.

But just making ourselves safe wasn’t enough for us. We took it a step further and also educated our clients on data security and now help them perform audits to make sure that they are set up to be as safe about data as we are.

Finally, an independent third-party audited all of our people, systems, procedures, and tools, to officially certify Intersect as ISO 27001 safe.

This new certification shows our commitment to data safety, both ours and that of our clients. ISO certification is recognized around the world as one of the top security guidelines that a company can comply with and will happily show our clients and prospective clients that they can trust us with their data as we help them to use that data to create amazing digital experiences.

If you would like to learn more about our new ISO 27001 certification, take a look at our new Security page that highlights our commitment to data security and the steps we’ve undergone to ensure it.