Introducing Graph Search by Facebook

Facebook announced yesterday a new feature called Graph Search that lets you find information based on your social graph, a distillation of your connections through the filter of your friends. It’s a new way of searching for the targeted info you want without having to click a bunch of links to get those results, such... [Read More]

App Marketing Series 101: Pricing

The topic of how much to sell your apps for, and whether to go with a freemium model or incorporate some form of advertising, are all questions that developers have to answer at some point in the project lifecycle. Luckily, we’ve got some great insights and knowledge from the great team over at App-Promo! We... [Read More]

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Activity Trackers To Get You Motivated And Moving

If you’re anything like me, sugarplums not only danced in your head this holiday season, they also danced all over your belly. Luckily, there’s great fitness tracking tech to help you out, whether you’re a fitness beginner or a seasoned gym rat. And trust me when I say that these fitness trackers aren’t your grandparents’... [Read More]

Collection Of Year In Review Videos: 2012

It was a big year for social media, and all the major platforms have seen tremendous growth both from a user base and engagement perspective. As they do every year, you can always count on Google to release a well-produced video of the hottest trends and media events throughout the year. So, without further ado,... [Read More]