Women Who Crush It

We wouldn’t be who we are without our people. And it just so happens that a lot of our people are women. At Intersect, we pride ourselves on fostering a culture of inclusiveness and growth, but it’s no secret that women in technology face unique challenges. We asked some of Intersect’s leading ladies to share their experiences and keys to success in tech (and life). Here’s what they had to say. [Read More]

An Introductory Hands-On With Reinforcement Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are hot topics these days amongst those that play in and around the tech world. We hear our clients asking about these things quite often too. Everyone wants to know how artificial intelligence can help to improve their digital experiences. The problem with this though is that a lot of... [Read More]

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Give Me An Hour, I’ll Give You Solutions

If you give me an hour, a room with three or more people, and a pressing topic for your business or product, together we can come up with solutions. Using some not-so-secret tech, I can help you highlight and determine the key issues around that problem and determine a series of solutions, prioritized by impact... [Read More]

AndroidTO Video Roundup: Logins, Superpowers, and Black Hat Hacking

At the beginning of November, we proudly teamed up with the Toronto Chapter of the Google Developers Group to host the 9th annual AndroidTO conference. We were joined by a great community of developers who wanted to gather insights from one another and gain knowledge from some great speakers who work for some of the... [Read More]

AndroidTO 2018 – Communities Bettering Communities

Last week, with the help of the Toronto chapter of the Google Developer Group, we hosted for the 9th year running, the AndroidTO conference. Every year we are in awe of the talent and calibre of Toronto and GTA’s finest developers that come together for a day of networking and learning from other well accomplished... [Read More]

The 5 Principles of Solutions Architects

Many people may have never heard the term “Solutions Architect” before, but here at Intersect, it is one of the most important roles on our team. As our colleague, Anson Kao points out in a recent blog post, some companies will call this role a “Technical PM.” However, at Intersect we know that what these... [Read More]

The Job Every Aspiring Technical Founder Should Try

After my second startup failed in 2016, I found myself doing something I never thought I’d do — taking a full-time job. You have to understand, I’d spent all of my entire professional career up until that point working exclusively in the startup world — much of it as my own boss (and determined to... [Read More]

David Bui Joins Intersect To Help Attract The Best And Brightest Talent

We’ve always said that Intersect’s greatest strength is our people. In order for us to find and attract such great people, we need someone equally as great in a recruitment role. Luckily, we recently brought on a Talent Acquisition Specialist that lives up to that hype; David Bui. Rather than us telling you all about... [Read More]

Celebrating The Summer Solstice, Miami Vice Style

Like most people, the Symbility Intersect team loves when summer rolls around. That’s why, for the third year in a row, we celebrated the Summer Solstice with a big party. On June 21st, we gathered our team members, clients, partners, and friends to take over the rooftop patio of Mascot Brewery in downtown Toronto to... [Read More]

Running My First Hackathon

On Saturday, June 2nd, I ran my first hackathon. Not just any hackathon, a hackathon for highschool aged women, dedicated to Arduino work and robotics. 20 students signed up, and 5 showed up. At first, I was disappointed with the turn-out, but throughout the day and the few days following, I feel like I’m the... [Read More]