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Machine Learning: An Introduction To Reinforcement Learning

In my last blog post, we learned about what machine learning is, when to use it, some business applications, and a few handy checklists on defining your machine learning problem and steps to solving it. From here on we’re going to move away from high-level understanding and move into some of the math behind the... [Read More]

SPARK: Igniting The Intrapreneur

If someone were to ask us to summarize what we do here at Symbility Intersect in one sentence, you would most likely hear an answer similar to: “We help large companies and organizations innovate by enabling them to create great digital products that assist in shaping their business.” While that’s not our exact mission statement,... [Read More]

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InsureTech Connect 2017: Key Takeaways

A few weeks ago I attended InsureTech Connect 2017 in Las Vegas to see what the future of insurance holds. I did my best to take in a broad spectrum of disruption coming to multiple lines of insurance (Property & Casualty, Health, Auto, Life) and see if there are some key things that unite the... [Read More]

Symbility Intersect Named Toronto’s Best Tech Work Culture

If you were to ask any of our team members, or anyone that has been part of the Symbility Intersect team over the years, what the best thing about working here is, they’re likely to say “It’s the culture, 100 percent.”  While we’ve always believed this, we now also have the hardware to back it... [Read More]

My Experiences as An Android Intern at Symbility Intersect

For the past four months, I’ve been working as an Android intern at Symbility Intersect. This is my fifth work term and I have worked at companies ranging from small startups to large corporations with businesses across Canada. Although I considered myself somewhat familiar by now with how different companies can be, I was still... [Read More]

Excitement Awaits at AndroidTO 2017

We’re thrilled that in just a few weeks it will be time for AndroidTO again! On September 20th AndoridTO, part of this year’s Google DevFest, returns for its 8th straight year. AndroidTO is a full-day conference featuring talks and breakout sessions given by expert programmers and tech creators across a wide range of fields and... [Read More]

A Better Guide For Setting Up Apple Pay

Apple Pay is becoming ever more popular as it allows for in-store, in-app, and in-browser purchasing to be made easier. More companies are looking to implement it, and it is becoming a necessity in any m-commerce type apps. When one of our clients decided to introduce m-commerce into their app recently, Apple Pay implementation was... [Read More]

A Mobile Developer’s Key Takeaways and Learnings from WWDC 2017

This year I got a chance to attend WWDC (Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference) for the first time. Glancing out through the airplane window at the quickly changing California landscape, I thought about the products, features, and updates I expected Apple to announce – advances in machine learning and a product to compete with home... [Read More]

Do You Really Need Machine Learning?

Machine Learning. Companies and tech blogs are raving about how “artificial intelligence” is the future and how they’re going to apply “machine learning” to improve tech and excel above the competition. But what actually is machine learning, how do you use it, and is it just the big buzzword of 2017? Short answer: most of... [Read More]

Intersect Makes Their Predictions for iOS 11

On Monday June 5, the world will be watching as Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, takes the stage at the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) to unveil the newest version of their mobile operating system, iOS 11. Unlike Android devices, most Apple products can update to the latest version of their operating system. With... [Read More]