SayWhat? Word Game Launches On Android

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The day you’ve all been waiting for is finally here! Harth Labs is pleased to announce that we’ve launched our popular social word game SayWhat? on the Android platform. The iOS version launched last November and has accumulated some impressive stats, with currently more than 350K total games played to date.

Deduce. Outwit. Win.

SayWhat? is an addictive two-player, turn-based word game, whose basic gameplay takes a cue from the board game Mastermind. Players take turns creating, sending, and guessing words from a random assignment of letters. Points are doled out according to how many guesses players take to guess their opponents’ words–first player to 1000 wins! Using an in-game coin system, stumped players can “buy” letters and can also “zap” letters from their bank while guessing. With an absolutely beautiful design and intuitive user experience, SayWhat? keeps players glued to their mobile devices, trying to climb the leader board to become a Word Master!

Facebook Connect enables users to play with their friends online, promoting engagement and sharing of impressive gameplay via Open Graph Actions, so that everyone can follow the action.

“Put your command of the English language to the test and keep your friends guessing.”

Download SayWhat? and start challenging your friends (and your brain) now!

Visit SayWhat? Online:

You can download SayWhat? for the following mobile platforms below:


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