SingularityU Canada and Symbility Intersect Announce Joint Effort to Build Better Futures Through Technology Enablement

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The team at Intersect and I are proud to announce a new and exciting project to support SingularityU Canada and its mission to inspire and enable exponential technology and innovation across the country. Our first activity will be to support SingularityU Canada’s launch of the inaugural SingularityU Canada Executive Program this spring in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

SingularityU Canada Summit was the premier event of a new movement to inspire Canadians to shape the Future of Canada and drive global impact.

As many of you may know, Singularity University was started in 2008 by renowned thinkers Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis to teach more people about how they can use exponential technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges and build an abundant future for all. SingularityU has expanded to become a global initiative that brings together some of the world’s best minds and business leaders to learn, connect, and create our collective future. In 2017, SingularityU Canada was launched to help inspire more Canadians to think BIG and play a more global role in impacting the way we all live and work. The upcoming SingularityU Canada Executive Program will bring together senior leaders in business, government, and social-profit sectors, along with scientists, educators, and other leaders for a three and half day program to discuss and explore ways that they can work to shape Canada’s future.

What excites us about working with SingularityU Canada is the fact that, even though our two organizations may seem different, we complement each other by helping people and brands solve different challenges on the transformation journey. SingularityU Canada focuses on shifting mindsets to enable more people to understand how fast the way we live and work is changing and how impactful these changes are going to be. Once organizations can look at the world through this new lens, it’s our job at Intersect to take this inspiration and help turn it into action by bringing our extensive knowledge and experience in product strategy, rapid prototyping, design, engineering, and more. With a shared vision for an abundant future, our complementary expertise will be utilized to bring ideas and solutions that emerge from SingularityU Canada programs into reality.

I feel this is nicely summarized in the following quote from Oren Berkovich, CEO of SingularityU Canada:

SingularityU Canada brings leaders together for intimate discussions around big topics.

“There was never a more challenging yet important time to have strategic conversations about the future.  Canada is in a unique position. We have the responsibility and capability to impact our collective future. The only way for us to be successful is to work together with companies and people who share our passion and wish to partner on opportunities to advance this important mission. What excites us about working with Symbility Intersect, is that beyond our values, Symbility Intersect can help many organizations and dreamers to convert inspiration into action.”

If you are attending the SingularityU Canada Executive Program, please reach out to myself and Amber Foucault, VP Product Management to connect in advance;

Connect with Paul Crowe on LinkedIn.

Connect with Amber Foucault on LinkedIn.

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