SPARK: Igniting The Intrapreneur

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If someone were to ask us to summarize what we do here at Symbility Intersect in one sentence, you would most likely hear an answer similar to:

“We help large companies and organizations innovate by enabling them to create great digital products that assist in shaping their business.” While that’s not our exact mission statement, there is definitely a lot of truth to it.

However, we couldn’t do what we do without the help of individuals that work passionately in those organizations that facilitate this desire of change and innovation. They’re the people who look around and see ways to make their companies better, move their company forward by embracing new methods of doing things, or explore different avenues that make sense for their companies to pursue. We call these people Intrapreneurs.

We’ve always believed that Intrapreneurs are incredibly important people to have inside every business. They’re the future of their organizations and we’ve made it a mission of ours to encourage them and provide resources to enable them to continue their imperative work. That’s why, a little over a year ago, we started the Intrapreneur Alliance – a community for Intrapreneurs (and budding Intrapreneurs), and the Intrapreneur Alliance Journal, a weekly publication with content to support Intrapreneurs in what they do.

In recent years the world’s focus has been on watching entrepreneurs. But the entrepreneurial life isn’t for everyone. Some people want to make and do great things, but with the support system of an already established company, and we think that’s impressive. That’s why we believe it’s time that the world learned more about Intrapreneurs. And we’re doing it with a documentary.

Last year we took to the road to speak and seek insights from all sorts of Intrapreneurs, specifically wanting to learn more about what it is that makes them tick and what’s truly important to them. While doing so, we thought it would be a good idea to record our interviews. We quickly realized that everything these people were telling us was extremely interesting and that we needed to get it out to the world.

Today we’re excited to be launching the trailer for our new documentary, SPARK: Igniting The Intrapreneur.

This film focuses on exploring what an intrapreneur actually is, why they’re important people to have in a company, what makes them tick, and more.

Check out the first trailer for SPARK below.

Watch out for the full film launching in a few weeks!