Symbility Intersect Hackdays: Circuit du Soleil

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Here at Intersect, we pride ourselves on having a culture of experimentation-heavily encouraging exploring and turning talk into action.

True to this, once a quarter, members of our team gather on a weekend to explore, learn, and build with new technologies. The hacks are organic with high level themes, but going rogue is heavily encouraged. The lack of constraints yields unpredictable and unique projects in short periods of time, and enables our teams to get exposure to nascent technology ecosystems, all while enjoying a pint with talented and curious colleagues and friends.

Enter the most recent theme “Circuit du Soleil.”

The brief was to build something lightweight that touched three key areas:

  1. Connected Hardware (IoT-themed),
  2. Messaging Bots, and
  3. Real-time activity monitoring.

The goal was to build something that could give us the  “pulse” of the office just by looking at it.

See how it all came together in the video below.