Symbility Intersect Named Toronto’s Best Tech Work Culture

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If you were to ask any of our team members, or anyone that has been part of the Symbility Intersect team over the years, what the best thing about working here is, they’re likely to say “It’s the culture, 100 percent.” 

While we’ve always believed this, we now also have the hardware to back it up. Last week, Intersect was awarded Tech In Motion’s 2017 Timmy Award for Toronto’s Best Tech Work Culture.

Each year, Tech In Motion hosts The Timmy Awards, designed to recognize the best in technology work culture, management, and startups in 10 regions across North America including New York, San Francisco, and Toronto. The goal of the Timmy Awards is to recognize and celebrate the companies and individuals striving to foster better places for tech professionals to work in within their local communities, and we’re incredibly honoured to be recognized as the best culture for tech people in the city of Toronto.

We like to think that throughout various unique hiring, collaboration and development practices, Intersect makes room for everyone that has a passion for technology, burning creative ideas and a strong desire to build great things. We join the best people from a variety of backgrounds in order to foster an environment that produces unique perspectives to everything we develop. In addition to this, there is also a strong culture of intrapreneurism within Intersect. We want people to be constantly be thinking up new and innovative ways that we can solve problems. In fact, we believe in intrapreneurism so much that we’ve started a community and publication to promote and support both our own intrapreneurs as well as those at other companies.

At Intersect, we aren’t just co-workers, we’re a family. Whether we’re strategizing or building the most innovative digital and technological solutions for our partners and clients, hosting Toronto’s largest Android focused conference, creating tech focused workshops to help educate the communities around us, winning dragon boat races, building bikes for underprivileged children, and anything else, we do it as a family.

We’re incredibly proud that our culture has been recognized and has helped to lift us up to a prestigious level where we can join other past Timmy Awards winners such as, LearnVest, Venmo, TripAdvisor, Gilt, Constant Contact, Casper, and others. Thank you to the folks at Tech In Motion and to everyone that voted for us and our incredible culture.

Oh, and if you want to join our family and see why we have the best work culture in tech, check out our current job openings.