ThemeStream – A Simple Photo Sharing Community That Delivers Daily Inspiration To You

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Introducing ThemeStream, a unique Windows Phone 8 photo-taking mobile app that will challenge users to see who can take the most creative, beautiful photos based on the day’s theme!

Setting itself apart from other photo sharing communities based around followers, ThemeStream gives users entry to a quirky photography community that’s completely anonymous. ThemeStream is purely about the photos. Every day, a new theme is posted–such as ‘Passion,’ ‘Weekend,’ or ‘Success’–and users have 24 hours to interpret it through a photo. Users share their perfect shot to the stream, allowing them to showcase their creativity to the whole community. The community then has the ability to favourite any of the photos taken. And since users are anonymous, they are recognized solely for their creative contributions to the community.

The BNOTIONS team has once again worked fluidly together to deliver an amazing mobile experience and a world-class photo application.

ThemeStream will be available through Telus, where it will come pre-loaded on the Nokia Lumia 1020. After that, it will be made available to the wider Windows Phone 8 community. This is an amazing app for the Nokia Lumia 1020’s incredible 41 megapixel camera camera, which boasts the best non-mechanical zoom available on any smartphone in the world.