Intersect’s 3rd Annual Bike Day

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Bike DayOn May 19th, to kick off the Victoria Day long weekend, the Intersect team was given the day off of their usual hard work of building tech to build something of a different nature.

Last Friday, we held our third annual Bike Day, where our team builds brand new bikes to be donated to kids who need them. Partnering with My First Wheels, a charity that collects bicycles for children in lower-income neighbourhoods across the greater Toronto area, we were able to help 14 kids experience the joy of having their own bike this summer.

“As a company, we love to give back to the industries we work within and support our local communities. It’s one of the facets of our business that I am most proud of and speak about often, but today is the most special to me,” said Paul Crowe, CEO of Symbility Intersect. “As a parent of young kids, I know the pure joy, and freedom that we’re bringing to these kids, and the pride and enjoyment we’re giving to their parents. Something as simple as learning to ride a bike can bring a massive amount of confidence to kids and it’s a great bonding experience amongst families.”

Not only do special events like this raise the morale of our company and community, but we also have a lot of fun doing them and take a lot of pride in helping others. Check out the video of Intersect Bike Day 2017 below:

If you’d like to learn more, make a donation, or get involved with My First Wheels, please check out their website here.