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How can we increase engagement in a loyalty program without a complete redesign?

Our client, a major telecommunications company, wanted to increase engagement in their customer loyalty program. We were challenged with making improvements to the Android and iOS mobile applications without completely overhauling the existing program, a program users were used to.

Our Response

Early personalization

We wanted users to have ownership over their loyalty experience right out of the gate. By allowing users to select the types of rewards they were interested in through engaging interactions during onboarding, we were able to provide a personalized experience that catered specifically to them and their needs by the time they landed on their home screen.

Flexible rewards

Intersect built an experience that allowed users to redeem eight (8) different rewards types - ranging from coupons, to sweepstakes, and POS items. Reward partners were organized into categories with the ability to highlight “Featured Rewards” for priority partners, helping not only provide variety for users, but also drive increased revenue for our client.

Priority Partner Rewards

User Selected Rewards

General Rewards

2-tap redemption

We wanted users to not just see what rewards were up for grabs, we also wanted to promote redemption. With a “two-tap minimum” mindset, we created a user-first experience that gave users the ability to save or favourite attractive offers for later, and easily redeem an offer within two taps of their screen.

Remove authentication friction

There was initially a different authentication flow depending on whether a user was on a cellular or wifi network, meaning some users would need to log into a session even though they never logged out. To solve this, we engineered specific flows (from both a technical and interface perspective) which varied depending on the user’s network state and account type. We built secure cellular-based network auto-authentication through existing telecommunication infrastructure which allowed us to auto-authenticate users through respective cell-tower calls and SIM-card recognition.


We redesigned and re-engineered a loyalty app to encourage frequent engagement while highlighting the true value of the program to customers.

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