Changing the way Canadians buy life insurance

Juniper’s goal was to revolutionize the life insurance industry by reworking the entire process with the end user in mind. To achieve this goal, they turned to us for help with their user experience design, branding, copy and more.


Clearing the path to purchasing life insurance.

Applying for life insurance can be difficult - not only because it means thinking about the unthinkable, but because the application process is often lengthy and confusing. Juniper’s goal is to revolutionize the industry by reworking the entire process with the end user in mind. They wanted to give customers a simpler way to purchase life insurance, making it easier to get the answers they’re looking for and taking the fear out of buying a policy.

Our response

Understand the user.

We recognized that the key to building a successful product was a good user experience - and for that, we had to understand the user. We worked closely with the Juniper team to understand key customers and their pain points and desires, and from this information, we created a series of user personas to lean on.

Persona Example
Persona Example

Provide a quote in only 3 questions.

Most life insurance providers require their customers to answer up to 100 questions, often involving very personal information - and depending on their answers, their application might be rejected before they even get a quote. We designed a new purchase path that gives the customer a quote after the first 3 questions, giving them the chance to decide if they want to continue with their application early on.

Build a friendly, approachable brand.

Life insurance can be scary, so Juniper designed their brand to be as inviting and approachable as possible. The research we had done for our personas revealed that most of Juniper’s potential users were millennials who were new or expecting parents, so we created Baby Juniper as an avatar to add a friendly face at each step of the application. We also chose warm colours and simple typography to help the user feel at home.

Create a conversational interface.

During our product discovery phase, we realized just how complicated getting a life insurance policy can be. Life insurance applications tend to be filled with jargon and industry lingo, making it difficult for any applicant to understand. We decided to take a different approach - we wrote the questions to be as friendly as possible, and designed an interface that allowed us to use this conversational approach throughout the entire experience, consistent with millennial expectations.

Use yes-or-no questions for a better user experience.

Since a life insurance application requires sharing a lot of information, we designed each question to be as straightforward as possible, to keep the user moving through the flow as quickly and efficiently as possible. Most questions are multiple choice, and we made sure that the ones that weren’t (for example, the user’s name or address) were easy to answer.

Tell the user what they need to know, when they need to know it.

We wanted to give the user all the information they needed without overwhelming them, so we incorporated tooltips throughout the interface. This gave us the space to provide clarification or legal requirements when needed, while keeping the language and design of the main user flow as simple and friendly as possible.


Our product discovery, design, prototyping and engineering helped Juniper successfully launch in January 2018. For the first time, users across Canada have an easier and more accessible way to prepare their loved ones in case the worst happens.

We’re continuing to work with Juniper on new avenues of business, including updates to the current Juniper platform to make it even more accessible and user-friendly.