Helping a large corporation adapt to change and build for the future

For the first time in their almost 100 year history, the LCBO was facing competition. They wanted to move fast to upgrade their mobile app experience, but their system restrictions and reliance on waterfall development slowed them down. Enter: Intersect.


Moving fast within a restricted framework

For the first time in their almost 100 year history, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario was facing competition. They wanted to move fast to upgrade their mobile app experience, but were facing some technical system restrictions and looking to overcome a heavy reliance on waterfall development.

Enter: Intersect.

Our response

Empowering the LCBO team with the skills required to respond and adapt to change

Not only did we want to create a better user experience for the LCBO consumer base, we were looking to future-proof the organization so that upgrading their digital experience and in-app features would be more efficient and less disruptive of their system. And we didn’t want to do this for them, we wanted to do it with them.

User empathy

Create an app that provides utility and delight

Foster growth

Lead by example and teach by doing

Set up for success

Lay the groundwork for a successful engagement

Build for the future

Create a platform and skill set that allows for change

Understanding the organizational limitations

During our initial conversations with the LCBO it became apparent that while the mobile application did need to be updated, they were also looking to enable their system to allow for updates or improvements more easily, and move away from waterfall methodology that slows digital output. To move fast and in the right direction, we needed to create a new technical foundation and an environment promoting agile development.

Understanding the user

We continued our engagement doing what we do best: putting the user first. Using our fresh perspective and innovative thinking, and leaning on the data and expertise provided by the LCBO team, we conducted in-depth design sessions to help craft the best mobile experience for the end user.

Keeping good company

While most firms would take on the work and undertake the building of the app on their own, the Intersect team believes in providing enriched engagements for our clients. So we brought the LCBO team in-house. Working together to build the new app, the LCBO team got first-hand experience working with a newer, faster, and more efficient method of development. Most importantly, we provided them with the skills to respond to future change.


The most important part of rebuilding the LCBO app was ensuring that it could be easily updated as the LCBO’s needs evolved. Working with the LCBO, we were able to build an adaptable infrastructure that allowed for growth and evolution. With the LCBO’s new way of thinking about the development process, the team is able to work more efficiently and purposefully on all of their digital projects moving forward.

The outcome

A new app from the ground up

We redesigned the LCBO app for iPhone and Android from the ground up within a timeframe that wouldn’t have been conceivable without the deeply rooted partnership we shared with the LCBO team - a partnership that led to us winning the first ever IT Partner Award granted by the LCBO. We look forward to continuing to work with this team as our efforts on their mobile application continues.