Second Cup Coffee Co.

Designing a beautiful app and financially viable rewards program

Second Cup Coffee Co. is Canada’s largest specialty coffee retailer. We were tasked with creating a mobile loyalty and payment app experience that was as innovative, revolutionary and as fresh as the new brand itself.


Redefine the loyalty experience

Second Cup Coffee Co. was experiencing a brand overhaul and unveiling its redesigned “Café of the Future” - a new revolutionary coffee experience with a “modern classic” feel. To accompany this brand reinvention, they were seeking a mobile loyalty and payment app experience that was as innovative, revolutionary and as fresh as the new brand itself.

Our response

Make every Second Cup experience more rewarding


Build a program that meets user needs


Offer a personalized and tailored experience

Ditch the plastic

Create easy access to a digital loyalty and payment card

Delightful design

Encapsulate the new brand to create a beautiful app

Understanding the customer

We sat in cafes, spoke to customers and met with Second Cup Franchise Partners and Corporate Office to get a better understanding of who the Second Cup customer really was. We learned that, on average, customers visited a Second Cup a few times a month and purchased specialty drinks more often than drip coffee. Years of running the same popular promotions had created core behaviour patterns. It was important to acknowledge this in the construct of the loyalty program so we could both support existing behaviours and create an experience that encouraged sampling new food and beverages.

Creating a personal tailored experience

In order to create an engaged user from the start, we avoided a “zero-state” once you downloaded the app. When you sign up for the program you get a 150 points which is only a $35 spend from your first reward (compared to almost $100 spend for their main competitor). As the user continues to make purchases and visit Second Cup Coffee Co. we encourage the sampling of new products by pushing relevant, tailored offers using push notifications through the integration of Localytics.

Loyalty card and mobile payment experience

Second Cup Coffee Co. partnered with GiveX to integrate the physical cards, POS and customer database information. We developed a card scanner in the mobile app that would recognize the barcode found on the gift cards and pull customer data using GiveX’s APIs. We built middleware and integrated with Braintree to pass authenticated payment tokens between the mobile app and Braintree’s secure payment processing system.

New brand and user experience design

It was important to ensure that we were creating small rewarding moments throughout each experience in the the app. This would ensure that the user remained engaged in-between rewards and while in cafe waiting to pay. Leveraging libraries like Google’s LiquidFun we developed a free form liquid drop that fills after every 10 points and can be tapped to drop into the rewards cup. This gives the user a sense of accomplishment and encourages them to continue to work towards their free beverage. The liquid in the cup is also a fun and interactive way to enjoy the home screen while standing in line.


Successful launch of an iOS App, a Android App and an Apple Watch App