Telus Health

Putting a robust benefits program on an easy-to-use app

How can a single mobile app be simple enough that anyone can use, but complex enough to suit the needs of any health benefits offering?


Dynamic as a state of being

The world of health benefits had changed dramatically since 2011 - the original launch of the Symbility Health Mobile Application. Recognizing that their app was in need of a major overhaul, Symbility Health had to find a way that allowed third-party administrators (TPA’s), third-party payers (TPP’s), and brokers to grow their brands easily, while their plan members could access offerings specific to their group plans. They needed a single app that could be customizable enough to suit every brand and end user, with an exceptional user experience.

To achieve this, they needed Intersect.

Our response

Being flexible is the key

Symbility Health has a myriad of different clients that all needed the app to represent their brand, no matter how big or small. And in turn, Symbility Health’s clients needed the app to be able to represent all the different kinds of group plans and options within each that they offered to their own clients. How can one app be so many things to so many people? The answer lay in a product architecture and design that would automatically configure itself to its users needs each time it booted up.

How we did It

Partner for the best of both worlds

We’re the first to admit that we’re not experts in group benefit insurance, and that’s why we got out of the client’s way when we needed to (while always staying present to provide our input). By combining our expertise in web and mobile app design with Symbility Health’s knowledge of the industry, we were able to bridge the gap between the agility of our field and the stability of theirs - resulting in a product that worked for everyone.

Account for new types of accounts

Many insurance companies are moving towards Health Care Spending Accounts - accounts that provide coverage not otherwise offered in corporate benefit plans or by the government. But while this type of account is becoming more and more popular, it’s by no means standard, so we needed to be adaptable to both the HCSA model and traditional plans to provide the flexibility we wanted.

Provide the perfect coverage for everyone

The best insurance policies are designed to work for those who need them. We needed to create an app that would work for everyone that uses it regardless of who a plan is issued by or the particulars of their group benefits plan. Symbility Health’s clientele offer a wide range of coverage options, and all are available within the app - but they’re only visible if they’re part of your plan. This gives providers the ability to offer varied and customizable plans, and easily change the plans when needed. This is an especially useful option for small to medium sized businesses.

Adjudicate and pay right away

When users submit a claim through Symbility Health, it can be processed immediately by the issuer directly in within the platform, and the user gets a result (and their payment) in short order and in some cases,real-time. Apart from the convenience that this offers to the end user, it also saves time for the providers and their administrators - making the benefits process easier and friendlier for everyone.

Helping small businesses compete

While many individuals believe group benefit plans can only be done by large insurance carriers, they are actually often issued by independent and small business TPA’s, TPP’s, and brokers. It has traditionally been hard for these small businesses to gain recognition for their brand and work when they could only offer plan cards and online portals with the fulfilling carriers logo. That’s why our product was designed with white-labelling in mind, allowing these smaller companies to fulfill claims on their own via a polished and professional mobile app with their own branding. This white-label app allows them grow their brand, and in turn, their business.


What happened next?

In less than 6 months we were able to produce a product that brought group benefits into the 21st century and shifted the balance of who could compete in the group benefit plan marketplace. Three versions of the app were created for iOS, Android, and web, and each could serve their end user with only the features that they need. The app was so well received that it became a major factor in Telus Health’s decision to acquire Symbility Health.

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