TJX Canada

Moving an in-store experience online

TJX Canada is a leading retailer providing high-quality, off-price apparel and home fashions. Our job was to take what made them stand out in a crowded market and capture it on their websites.


Increase customer engagement

TJX wanted to increase customer engagement across all three of their Canadian brands - WINNERS, HomeSense, and Marshalls and to be seen as the authority on fashion, style, and value. Regardless of medium - desktop, tablet, or mobile - the experience needed to be inspiring and educational.

Our response

Encapsulate the in-store experience

Clear user action

Beautiful imagery and strong headlines attract and move users to continue exploring the sites.


Showcasing aspirational fashion and home decor that is attainable for all.

Create urgency

You never know what gems you’ll find in store, and you don’t know if it will be there the next time you shop.

Scalable solutions

A content creation and template system was created across all brands.

Focused experiences

Clear, uncluttered pages meant that users understood what we wanted them do when they landed on the site. Beautiful, aspirational imagery and inspirational headlines draw them in to explore and read more. "Get Moving!"

Keeping interest

All of the aspirational fashion and home decor images would inspire users, so we had to let them know how attainable this was. Want to decorate your home for spring, but don’t want to empty your savings? "Refresh your space for less!"

Fear of missing out

Possibly the most inspirational aspects of shopping at TJX stores is the sense of excitement and urgency. Customers enjoy the process of browsing because of the payoff. In order for the sites to be engaging and drive customers to the brick-and-mortar locations, that in-store "thrill of the find" had to be established.

Tech solutions to bring it home

Stackla was integrated so each brand could showcase in real time what real shoppers were sharing from their shopping trips. Using a template solution for a CMS-less venture, content could be managed with endless combinations and permutations of arrangements, ensuring that no two articles, or brands, would look the same. And cross-selling across all brands was encouraged. The more we encouraged users to explore, whether on WINNERS, HomeSense or Marshalls, the more they would wonder what they might find at ALL of the locations


While the project called for the freedom to create multitudes of articles, the experience needed to be consistent for visitors. A Store Locator on Winners shouldn’t be functionally different from HomeSense, so these shared pages were built to be flexible enough to encapsulate the brand identity, and be similar enough so users would feel confident navigating all three sites. The end result: three websites that carry their own essence, but are managed efficiently without a CMS.