Walmart Canada

Creating a platform and process to test and innovate in-store

Walmart Canada was looking to integrate new technologies and improve their repertoire of provided services. We partnered with them to test the market fit of a new technology - and we had to move fast.


How can a retail giant move fast to build and test ideas?

Walmart Canada was looking to integrate new technologies and improve their repertoire of provided services. We were tasked with the challenge of working with the retail giant to test the market fit of a new technology - and we had to move fast.

Our response

Build a pilot project that gives Walmart Canada the platform to find market fit with 3D-Printing during the Holiday Season

Establish a blueprint

Before creating the experience, we had to consider logistics and success metrics for both customers while being mindful of the costs to Walmart

Customer empathy

To ensure success, we dove deep into understanding our customer segment - this helped us build a fully customized user experience that was simple and fast

Inspire action

We found a 3D Printing company (small business out of London, ON.), mapped out the program logistics, created in-store displays, print materials, and a responsive web experience

Follow the data

After the completion of the pilot, we will provide Walmart with insightful data on the value of program

Implementing a process

It’s an interesting challenge to be disruptive, without being disruptive. While testing the idea that 3D-printing would integrate into Walmart’s business model, we had to be mindful of the impact of a new technology on Walmart’s internal processes, their legal team, their store plans, their customers, and their associates. We had to ensure that our suggestions and solutions were going to maintain Walmart’s high standards of integrity and their practices of always putting the customer first.

Mapping the customer journey

Not only did we need to know the how of this project, we also needed to understand the who. Through our deep dives with Walmart and independent research we discovered a specific segment that would embrace 3D-printing for the purpose of creating personalized and memorable gifts - the millennial mom. We had an understanding of what she was looking for, we just had to help her find it.

Print and display experience

Clear, simple and user-focussed packaging and in-store displays were designed to facilitate a clear path from point-of-purchase to online ornament customization. We leveraged Walmart brand colors and lettering to emphasize the familiarity and urgency of the offer and to highlight the value of the promotion

Once on the customization website, users were given the opportunity to render their ornament in real-time to get a clear understanding of the look and feel of the final product. Automated web workflows provided customers with updates, so they knew when their specialized order would be ready for pick-up.

Reporting and analytics

Walmart’s key goal was to understand if and how they could integrate new technologies such as 3D-printing within their current business model. By placing a short questionnaire at the end of customization flow, we are capturing feedback from customers once they complete their order. The survey, along with Google Analytics will enable Walmart to build proper insight for their next live pilot.


A complete rollout of 3D-printed ornaments this holiday, a retail giant embracing agile, and an insight rich web experience demonstrate how live testing in the retail environment is the right way to prove market fit when exploring technology and innovative concepts.