Creating A Culture Of Innovation

Pragmatic approaches aimed at changing perceptions and businesses.

Team Learning Designed To Produce Higher Functioning Organization

Custom curriculums meant to align your team’s context.

Organizational Agility

Learn to react and adapt accordingly as an organization to changes in the marketplace. This newfound agility will allow your team to foster disruption and stay ahead of emerging competitors.

Design Thinking

A framework for getting to the heart of what really matters for your company. Let us show your team our process for solving real problems by using human centered design and creating a culture of innovation.

Effective Collaboration

Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It takes teams, both internal and external, working together toward a common objective to bring around groundbreaking change. Understand how, when, and with whom collaboration will bring your work further.

Fostering Intrapreneurship

Giving the right set of tools to empower your people to become internal changemakers and champions of innovation.

Organizational Efficiency

Use our proven methods to improve communication amongst teams making product life cycles happen with greater ease and efficiency. Launch, test, iterate, and repeat.

Sustainable Frameworks

This is not just a learning session. These are custom, scalable, pragmatic approaches, and frameworks that can be used and repeated throughout your organization to create a true culture of innovation.

Customized Solutions

Tailored To Help You Address The Issues That Matter Most

Every session is customized to help your organization address the problems that you see as most pressing. By focusing on real problems, real solutions can be created.

Working Collaboratively

Learn By Doing

These programs are not designed for Intersect to stand in front of your team and teach them. They’re designed so that we work hand-in-hand doing things together and learning along the way.

More About What We Do

Product Design

Product Design

Telus Health

How can a single mobile app be simple enough that anyone can use, but complex enough to suit the needs of any health benefits offering?



Claims Connect

How can we further simplify a complex claim workflow and communication process while catering to a variety of user types?

Product Design

Product Design

Building a Loyalty Program

Engaging users through personalization, ease of access, and improved authentication.