Security and the Front End Web

Presented by Thomas Borzecki & Mark Reale on June 18, 2020

Online Security has always been a concern in the Internet age, but with the increasing proliferation of news about hacks, leaks, and viruses, taking a conscientious approach toward your software development from a Security lens has never been so vital.

This can become challenging if you have never had to take a dedicated look at Security, and are trying to wade through the Security ecosystem.

How can you ensure that you or your Web development team is taking the best steps forward toward ensuring that your development practices are keeping Security as a top priority?

What You'll Learn:
- A high-level overview of the Web Security landscape: navigating the jargon, and understanding the key organizations and news sources to stay on top of things
- Strategies to integrate security practices in your Front End Web Development practices in a way that you and your teams can embrace
- Strategies to detect, triage, and fix vulnerabilities
- Tools to support your Security efforts

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Everything You Got Wrong About Agile

Presented by Sam Kawtharani & Ben Reynolds on June 11, 2020

What You’ll Learn:
- The history and philosophy behind the Lean methodology
- What is true Lean development
- The Agile manifesto and its four pillars
- Adapting the Agile manifesto to your needs
- Different Agile artifacts and documentation
- The pros and cons to Waterfall

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Non-native mobile development questions you should be answering

Presented by Fahad Muntaz on June 4, 2020

What You’ll Learn:
- Things to consider when approaching mobile application development, including: Libraries/Frameworks, User Experience (UX), Third-Party Integrations, Ecosystem Support and Quality Assurance (QA)

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Building a Complete CI/CD Pipeline: The Essential Stages in Test Automation Development Life Cycle

Presented by Ruzan Hovhannisyan, and Thierry Yuen-Lusetti on May 28, 2020

What You’ll Learn:
- How to build a complete continuous integration and deployment pipeline between engineering teams
- How to integrate automated tests and generate reports within the pipeline
- Test automation approaches and life cycle
- The current test automation solutions we use for backend engineering

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Onboarding Approach During Changing Times

Presented by Thierry Yuen-Lusetti, Susan Shao, and Mark Reale on May 21, 2020

What You’ll Learn:
- How we’ve approached onboarding through rapid growth phases and multiple acquisitions
- How to prepare and equip your team with the right tools virtually amidst change
- How to ensure your team is supported when you can’t see them

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Web Accessibility - Important Developer Perspectives

Presented by Lauren Herdman, Ft. Rob Brenneman on May 14, 2020

What You’ll Learn:
- What is accessibility and why it is important
- How to develop for different types of accessibility tools that cater to various disabilities
- What AODA compliance means for developers
- Good and bad examples of compliance
- Why developers need to practice and advocate for accessibility in each step of the development process

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What Everyone Needs to Know About Web Accessibility

Presented by Lauren Herdman, Ft. Rob Brenneman on May 7, 2020

What You’ll Learn:
- What is accessibility and why it should it matter to you and your clients
- AODA and the different types of compliance
- How to work with a screen reader and other accessibility tools
- Good and bad examples of accessibility
- How to become an advocate for accessibility

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Why It's Important for Product Managers to have tech skills (and how we help them get there)

Presented by Sam Kawtharani & Jad Yaghi on April 30, 2020

Building Software is becoming increasingly difficult with many moving pieces and specializations. The role a Product Manager plays in orchestrating this complexity is crucial - and understanding how software works (and how it's built) is key for building great products. But how should a PM go about learning these necessary skills?

What You'll Learn:
- Why technical skills are key for a PM to build a great product
- Which technical skills will drive great results
- Tips on how PMs can grow their technical "chops", and how to prioritize what you should learn
- Examples and case studies on how Intersect has built a formal process to help up-skill our PMs

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Bridging the Communication Gap between Engineers and Non-Engineers

Presented by Jad Yaghi on April 23, 2020

In this session we'll explore:
- What do engineers really care about?
- What do other stakeholders care about?
- how the different priorities create tension
- how can we navigate this tension and align priorities to create momentum

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